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Wedges are the staple go to shoe of the universe. If you don’t like wedges there is something wrong with you. I mean don’t…



Bodysuits, what can I say about bodysuits, they take me back to the early nineties when I was wearing hand me downs from my…

The Strawberry Siren

The Strawberry Siren Photos

We recently had the pleasure of catching up with Australia’s reigning Burlesque champ Strawberry Siren. Strawberry sat down for an interview with Michelle Minx…

the strawberry siren

The Strawberry Siren Interview

Michelle Minx interviews Australia’s reigning Burlesque princess, The Strawberry Siren. Link: The Strawberry Siren’s Official Site Link: Pinkmilk’s Photoshoot with Strawberry Siren


Fringe addict

If there is one thing that I feel more passionately about than beauty products, it’s fringing. I own multiple leather fringed bags, jackets, boots,…


Big Hair Tutorial

Michelle takes you through the process of giving yourself a giant, gravity defying hairstyle that not only looks great, but is probably big enough…


Blue-nana coconut smoothie

This is my most favorite potassium rich, hydrating and delicious quick snack. It’s perfect for when you are deathly hungover or are feeling too…